9 Month Baby Portraits | Photo editing and retouching

I used to dread the editing and retouching part of photography.   When I went to college for photography it was pretty much all film (yeah, I’m older than you think I am, haha!) so retouching in Photoshop wasn’t a thing.  However, over the years I have really begun to enjoy it.  It’s fun to see an already awesome shot and then make it better!  This is something I recently added to my resume… retouching for other photographers (weddings, real estate, portraits, you name it!).

This shot is one that I took last weekend of my baby girl.  I’ve been dying to try out this spot…I pass it a few times every week when I take my kiddos for a walk/hike.  Since moving to Kentucky this has definitely become one of my absolute favorite areas…Buttermilk Falls.  The lighting, the trees, foilage, …swoon!

I didn’t shoot this image with this retouching in mind, but I love the soft, dreamy, fantasy feel to it.

So here is my before and after…

Happy Dreaming,


*Just restating…I’m working on getting a new website up, which is why for now when you type in http://www.alisonbeyerphotography.com, it comes here to my blog. So just a heads up! Bear with me while I work on it.  This is motivating me to get working on my blog more though! 😉

I Love Traveling!!!

I have that itch again (not from a fire ant!)…I’m ready to go on a trip and explore!  I’m currently sitting at my computer editing and retouching projects and off to the side I have my husband’s laptop with Pinterest up while I search for photos of where to go next. 🙂  I’ve already calculated the cost and when would be the cheapest time to fly, the big question is where…?  Not really where I want to go, because I want to go everywhere, but where can I convince my husband we should go? 😉   He takes a lot of convincing, so I’ve taken to texting him photos everyday of various options.

So if any of you have a great travel spot, please do share!

In the meantime…here are some places I’m dreaming about visiting again…

This is the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland.  Probably one of the top 5 most beautiful and breath-taking places I’ve been.

CliffsMoherABPhotoThis is Dunguaire Castle in County Galway.  We happened to drive past it on a tiny little windy road on our way to the Cliffs of Moher.

DunguaireCastleABPhotoAnd lastly, this was on our hike around Killarney National Park close to the Muckross House.  How perfect to see a rainbow!  But there was no leprechaun or pot of gold! 😉

LuckyWalkABPhotoAlso…don’t believe every photo you see on Pinterest as I have a habit of doing!  Some places aren’t real, just some great photo manipulation.  😦 #waterfallcastlepoland #castlehouseislanddublin

Beautiful Bouquets {White Orchid Florals}

I have to give a shout out to Mindy with White Orchid Florals, I love her work!  She did all the flowers for my wedding.  When I met with her, I remember listing all the things I wanted…black feathers, peacock feathers, white flowers, brooches, damask material, etc.  I love details and probably too many elements, but she did such an amazing job and made it look so amazing!  We had a photoshoot last week, so we got to use a couple more of her beautiful bouquets (thank you Mindy!).  The first couple photos are of my bouquet, and yes I did have my camera handy at my wedding 🙂

My kitty stopped to smell the roses 🙂 …

My hubby photographed this last one, his private photograph lessons with me are paying off! 😉

Ireland Travel, need a holiday?

I’m dying to go on another trip!  I keep checking the local time in Germany because my parents are there right now visiting my brother.  It’s about 11pm now, so they are probably asleep…after a long day of touring Heidelberg, the castles, the amazing food, the beer, everything…. I want to go!  I love traveling, I’ll live off of rice and beans if that means I can go somewhere new at least once a year.  🙂 Last year as my husband (fiancé at the time) and I were deciding on honeymoon locations, Ireland ended up being at the top of both of our lists.  I always knew I wanted a November wedding for two reasons, Florida’s weather is perfect in November and travel to Ireland is less expensive 🙂  November is the start of their off season, so yes we were able to get incredibly cheap tickets and off season pricing.  So I thought, while I’m longing to go on a trip somewhere, that I would share a few of my travel tips and recommendations for your Ireland holiday.

St. Stephen’s Green

First tip, traveling in Europe’s off season, October-April will save you some $.  I personally like November because the weather wasn’t too bad yet (yes we did have some rainy days) and if you go toward the end of the month, they are decorated for Christmas!  I book my international plane tickets about 3-5 weeks before the trip, plane tickets typically go down closer to the travel date.  We also opted not to book all our hotels before we left.  We wanted to wing it for part of our trip, which did prove to work out well.  We did book our first few nights in Dublin via Priceline before we left.  Since there are only about five 5-star hotels in Dublin, we named our own price on Priceline for a 5-star hotel and ended up with a killer deal.  We stayed at the Conrad Dublin for about $100 off per night on their normal rates.  I highly recommend the hotel, the staff was wonderful (we arrived in Ireland at about 4am, the Conrad let us check in when we arrived for no extra charge!), the rooms were clean and comfortable, and we were walking distance to St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street.

We got a late start our first day, we finally woke up around 3pm (Ireland is 5 hours ahead of FL time) and enjoyed a stroll through St. Stephen’s Green…

Which brought us right to Grafton Street which was always quite busy.

Our first official stop?  I couldn’t help but grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks and get my souvenir mug (note how thrilled the hubs is, haha). 🙂

Christmas decorations at night on Grafton Street!!!

We ate at the Vat House located in the center of Temple Bar on Anglesea Street.  I must say I have never really craved Irish food until I ate in there in Ireland.  I partly think it is because they don’t have all the MSG, pesticides, hormones, and whatever else that we add here in the States.  It is simple food, done VERY well!  My husband and I still drool over the thought of ALL of the meals we had over there.

We then completed our first evening in Dublin with Irish coffee and a walk along the River Liffey.

I have more tips on travel there in Ireland, but alas I must stop here…I need to go check airline tickets and see if there are any cheap ones coming up!  All this reminiscing is making me want to go back 🙂

Puppy Love

I can’t believe it is already Friday afternoon!  It has been another crazy week of editing, shoots and album design…and none of my projects are quite blog ready.  So before I start packing up my equipment for the weekend, I felt the need to put something up here!   I think I will introduce you to my little helper.  She’s technically my husband’s dog, Baylie, but ever since we started dating, Baylie prefers me 🙂  She follows me around everywhere, sits smack dab next to me (even while my husband is on the other end of the couch begging her to come sit by him!) and gives kisses away a bit too freely (dog breath, ugh!)!

As I was swapping out backdrops and prepping shoots this week, I decided to make Baylie pose for a few shots.  Wow is she so much easier than my cat.  Modeling is not Baylie’s favorite thing to do, but she’s fairly easily convinced with treats…although she wasn’t too fond of the bow/veil I made her.

Happy Weekend everyone!  And if you are at the Red Sox game tonight, maybe I’ll run into you!  Yay for spring training!!!

Alex’s Cake, zebra style!

I just got back a couple days ago from South Africa where my goal was to get some good photos of zebras.  So yesterday my sweet, little Hungarian friend brought me a cake….a zebra cake! I love anything and everything zebra and I had told my friend that one day I want a zebra cake for my birthday, wedding or whatever, but definitely a zebra cake!  I had to take a picture of it and put it up here, she did such a great job…and not only does it look fantastic but it tastes AMAZING! And yes…I will eat the whole cake by myself, probably by the end of today 😀  One more thing…if you are looking for someone to make cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc for your event, I highly recommend Alex, she does an amazing job! Thanks girl!